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Local residents in Casper can easily hire experienced professionals for concrete leveling services today. With a variety of reputable companies offering their expertise in the area, individuals can quickly address any uneven surfaces around their properties.

These professionals use specialized techniques to ensure precise and lasting results, providing peace of mind to homeowners looking to enhance the safety and aesthetics of their outdoor spaces.

What is concrete leveling?

Concrete leveling is a process that involves lifting uneven concrete surfaces to restore them to their original position. This technique is crucial for fixing tripping hazards, improving aesthetics, and preventing further damage to the concrete structure.

Why is it important?

When addressing uneven surfaces, concrete leveling is a vital process that ensures structural integrity and safety for properties in Casper. Uneven concrete can lead to trip hazards, water pooling, and foundation issues.

Signs You Need Concrete Lifting

If you notice uneven surfaces or tripping hazards in your outdoor spaces, it may be a sign that you need concrete lifting services.

  • Uneven patio or driveway surfaces
  • Cracks in the concrete
  • Water pooling in certain areas
  • Difficulty in closing doors or windows due to unevenness

These issues can not only be unsightly but also pose safety risks. Concrete lifting can help restore the appearance and functionality of your outdoor areas, ensuring a safe and level surface for all activities.

Common Causes of Concrete Settlement and Unevenness

One of the most common reasons for uneven concrete surfaces is the underlying soil settling over time.

  • Poor soil compaction during construction
  • Erosion of soil beneath the concrete
  • Plumbing leaks causing soil washout
  • Tree roots growing underneath

Benefits of Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling offers a cost-effective solution for correcting uneven surfaces and restoring the structural integrity of concrete structures.

  • Enhances Safety: Eliminates trip hazards.
  • Prevents Further Damage: Stops cracks from worsening.
  • Improves Aesthetics: Enhances curb appeal.
  • Saves Money: Cost-effective compared to full replacements.

Different Methods of Concrete Leveling

When it comes to concrete leveling, there are several methods commonly used. These include Mudjacking, Polyurethane Foam Injection, and Self-Leveling Compounds. Each method has its own unique advantages and applications, catering to different types of concrete leveling needs.

Understanding these methods can help property owners make informed decisions about the best approach for their specific situation.


Mudjacking, also known as slabjacking, is a common method used to level uneven concrete surfaces. This technique involves pumping a mixture of water, soil, sand, and cement under a concrete slab to raise it back to its original position.

Mudjacking is a cost-effective solution for fixing sunken driveways, sidewalks, and patios, providing a stable and level surface without the need for extensive replacement.

Polyurethane Foam Injection

Using polyurethane foam injection is a modern and efficient method for leveling uneven concrete surfaces, offering a durable and long-lasting solution. This technique involves injecting expanding polyurethane foam beneath the sunken concrete, filling voids, and lifting the slab to the desired level.

Polyurethane foam is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and cures quickly, allowing for minimal disruption to the area being repaired. This method is ideal for both residential and commercial concrete leveling projects.

Self-Leveling Compounds

Self-leveling compounds are a popular choice for concrete leveling due to their ease of application and ability to create smooth and even surfaces.

These compounds are self-smoothing and require minimal effort to achieve a level surface, making them a convenient option for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

They’re often used to correct uneven floors, prepare surfaces for flooring installation, or repair minor imperfections in concrete.

Tips for Maintaining Level Concrete Surfaces

To maintain level concrete surfaces effectively, it’s essential to regularly inspect for any signs of unevenness or cracking.

  • Clean Regularly: Keep the surface free from debris and dirt.
  • Address Cracks Promptly: Fill in any cracks to prevent them from expanding.
  • Monitor Drainage: Ensure water is draining away from the concrete to prevent erosion.
  • Apply Sealant: Use a sealant to protect the surface from damage.

Risks of Uneven Concrete

Uneven concrete poses several risks that can impact both the aesthetics and safety of a property. To highlight the potential dangers, consider the following points:

  • Tripping hazards for pedestrians.
  • Water pooling leading to erosion.
  • Structural damage to buildings.
  • Difficulty in maintaining proper drainage.

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